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This site has not been updated for quite a while and some links may be out of date

Handicraft projects completed by Wendy are described and recorded in this site.

Items are described with extra information that will help to start projects, such as where to obtain threads, fabrics and patterns and kits where possible. Study courses and exhibitions are listed in the Events page

Different types of Embroidery and Lace that I have worked on are included. Selecting the links in the left panel will take you to them.

Anyone can submit items of good quality and particular interest to be included in the "Other Stitchers" section if they wish. A picture and description of the item would be welcome.

This is not a commercial site, or connected with any business. If you would like to view how Wendy became interested in the different handicrafts, go to Personal Information Section .

Clicking on any of the images will enlarge them. Go direct to the image library if you want to see the majority of the images used in these pages.


New addition Crewel Work and Work in Progress. Feb 09


June 2009: I started to take part in a short Tatting Design course on the internet.  The course was run by Sharon and finished in August 2009 when another course started. You can keep up to date on her blog 'Design-Tat' http://www.design-tat.blogspot.com/ 

The pictures below were my first attempts at design, and I'm pleased with the result. To follow my progress, go to TATTING.


Your comments or questions are more than welcome via this email link.



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Piano hanging

Lace pillow

Crochet Angel

Tatted Crosses