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The BIG BEAD SHOW is usually held at Sandown Park , Surrey, in the autumn. It is very well attended and well worth a visit. I have bought items from PURPLE MOON BEADS, THE BEAD SHOP, THE SPELLBOUND BEAD CO. JULES GEMS, G.J.BEADS and several others.

Camera crews have bee present at previous show and can be viewed on your computer on or .


Bead work is a way of stitching beads together to make a fabric that can be used for purses, wide bracelets, bags or even clothing. In the 1920’s beaded dresses were popular but few survive today because the weight of the beads couldn’t be sustained by the threads used and they just fell apart.

I’ve always been interested in Bead Work and have used them to embellish other embroidery and also made beaded cards.  The Embroiderers Guild held a day workshop on Bead Work when I made the scissor keepers and I was hooked from then on.

The jewelled bar pin, broach, is the Mill Hill kit, Filigree Autumn Topaz, which I bought on Ebay.

Nordic Needle have a few beading kits on their web site and I bought “Christmas Morning”, a mini ornament in peyote stitch by Linda Jo. The instructions are easy to follow and everything you need is in the kit.  I have also ordered some good books from Nordic Needle.

The little amulet purse was made by referring to a book “Why not make a Beaded Amulet Purse?” by Daphne J Ashby & Jackie Woolsey. It’s stitched in brick stitch.

The Hand Tanga was an experiment in net stitch, using Japanese seed beads.  It is from a book ‘Beginner’s Guide to Beadwork’ by Madeleine Rollason.

The Black choker is also from this book. I made it for my daughter. The flower patterned beads are strung from a band of peyote stitch, in Japanese seed beads.

The bracelet is from Beaded Bag-ettes by Mary Harrison, published by Design Originals.  It’s stitched in peyote stitch using Toho triangle beads, which gives it a knobbly appearance and texture. Mat and shiny beads are used for effect.

I joined The Beadworkers Guild and found them very helpful in furthering my interest in beadwork. Their introduction kit has instruction pamphlets, which are very useful.  Their magazine, “The Journal” comes with membership and contains a lot of information about the beading world.   

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