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Stitching for Christmas!

This section is filled with the items I have made that are brought out and put on display around the house at Christmas.  It includes many different crafts. There are embroidered, crocheted and parchment craft pictures, decorations and ornaments, plus many others.

The Father Christmas Bellpull was a Round Robin that I was involved with on the America Crafts Forum.  Each Father Christmas is stitched by a different person.  I stitched the top one

.. .

The ccs piece ‘In the Arms of an Angel’  is a Lavender and Lace Chart by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum.  The face and hands of the angel, and the head of the child are stitched 0/0 ( this means stitching over one thread of the fabric with one thread in the needle)  It gives a much finer look.  A lot of gold threads and beads are used in this piece. The vertical lines on the bodice is a photo effect.

The ‘Gift of Peace’ is also ‘Lavender and Lace’ Lots of gold thread and beads are used in this embroidery.



One of the Christmas Tree decorations is of a crocheted Angel.  The pattern is from "Thread Tree Trims" by Anne Halliday.     I crocheted most of it in white and gold thread, with the face in white. The other is a tatted Christmas tree from Christmas Angels and Other Tatting Patterns" by Monica Hahn


The three tatted pictures above are from "Yultide Tatting" by Rosemarie Peel.

Nordic Needle have a few beading kits on their web site and I bought “Christmas Morning”, a mini ornament in peyote stitch by Linda Jo. The instructions are easy to follow and everything you need is in the kit. 


I made theThe parchment craft picture of Father Christmas by tracing a picture I found on the Internet, and colouring and embossing it.  This was sent to the American Craft forum for the Christmas decoration swap.

I found the pattern for the knitted snowman in a magazine.  He is made from Mohair and sits on the settee all the winter.











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