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 Crochet is made using a hook, and I was taught this by an Aunt, when I was about 8 or 9.  Most of this has been given away over the years, but there are some examples shown.

I worked my son’s Christening outfit out of wool.  He was baptised in April, so I wanted him to be warm.  It consists of a bag to keep his legs and feet warm, a jacket and hat.  I found the pattern in a woman’s magazine.

My daughter was baptised in the summer so I crocheted her Christening Gown out of ordinary sewing thread, on the bodice, making up the pattern as I worked.  I doubled the sewing thread and then used heavier thread, as I worked towards the hem.  It is a very simple shell stitch, using trebles and double trebles.  I added the sleeves and the pink bands after.

The yellow doily pattern is from a very old Coates book called ‘Crochet Designs from Gothic Architecture’.  The design is from the Italian sculpture, San Michele, Florence.

The Christmas Tree decorations is of a Angel.  The pattern is from "Thread Tree Trims" by Anne Halliday.     I crocheted most of it in white and gold thread, with the face in white.





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