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For anyone wishing to stitch for Christmas on the 24th. day of each month with internet friends having the same interest.

Elf Day is an informal group of stitchers, living in different countries, who comunicate, via email, on Elf Day the 24th of each month, to stitch anything they want with a Christmas connection for a present or a decoration. We meet on Elf Day, in a cyber grotto, to discuss and encourage each other in our projects. This helps to get all our Christmas stitching done before the Big Elf Day, Christmas Eve.  On this page there are some pictures of the pieces that have been stitched by the Elves on Elf Day. Elves may also send messages and upload images on Forums America. Oh!, and for fun some of us have an elf name; you choose yours.

There is plenty of room in the grotto for more elves of any ability, with your own toadstool. The only qualification is a love of handicrafts and the need to finish your stiching in time for Christmas. It may be a present for someone or a tree decoration/ornament, for example.

See the images here and in my Christmas Collection. Occasionally the chat goes off subject, but that's okay. If you would like to join in with this bit of fun and make some cyber friends, send me an email for more information.

The images in the right panel were provided by Karen W

The images below were sent by "Celebrity Elf" Lynn B


The designers of the above work will be acknowledged soon.

Pictures below are from "Moosette Elf" Madeline:

The Charmed Mitten below was done for the 2007 Christmas tree ornament/decoration swap. It is a kit from Mill Hill

See also the Christmas Collection where most of my own Elf Day stiching is located


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