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The Womens’s Institute local Federation organised a study holiday at the W.I College at Denman. I enrolled on a course in Parchment craft and enjoyed it so much that I continued learning at other workshops locally, organised by our WI Federation. 

Parchment craft is a way of embossing and perforating parchment paper with special tools. As the parchment is opaque, it is easy to trace designs.  This is generally done with pen and white ink.  Using paints and coloured inks you can create all sorts of pictures and attractive designs. I have taken many of the designs from specialised magazines. One of these is ‘Parchment Craft Magazine’.  I have also traced designs from wrapping paper and even kitchen towel that has caught my eye.

If you are interested in parchment craft, here is a link to Pergamano, who are one of the suppliers of the materials for this handicraft. It is also a forum and place to see other people's work from all around the world.

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